Child Enrolment

Child Enrolment Forms for North Edge Child Care Centre are now available.

  • Please submit one application per child
  • Remember to complete all of the application
  • Carefully check that all of the information is correct before submitting
  • Make sure that you have read or printed a copy of the North Edge Child Care Centre Parent Handbook and Orientation Procedures document
  • After your application has been submitted the Director of North Edge Child Care Centre will be in contact to arrange an appropriate time for a parent interview.

Thank you for your application to join North Edge Child Care Centre.




** Tips for completing and submitting the application form

  • Depending on your browser, email client and Acrobat Reader installation, you can submit the application form from the submit button at the top of the form. It is recommended that you save the form to your local computer before doing this.
  • Alternatively, you can submit the completed form from within Acrobat Reader by using the Share function and submitting it to
  • If you have completed the form and saved it to your local computer you can just attach it to an email as you would any other document and send it to This is the recommended method, if you encounter any difficulties submitting the completed form. To save the form with your data included you will need Adobe® Reader® version 9 or better.
  • Remember that you can save the form to your local computer and come back to it later to complete it - it will remember what information you have already entered.